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Catch up

I’ll start with the weekend!

We didn’t have much planned and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Friday night we walked along the river (Stephen was singing “Walk Along the River” by Laurie Berkner while we were there). Emily loved the water and she got to see a tractor that was left in the park area. It was a nice way to start the weekend!

Emily actually slept in on Saturday so we got a late start. After lunch we decided to visit the Quilt Show on Main Street. I love where we live. There are so many things to do and see. If there isn’t anythin going on, you can just vist a local park or walk along the river. We had never been to the Quilt Show before and it was pretty neat. There were some AMAZING quilts on display! It was also a historic children’s fair that we didn’t know about. There was a COW!!! Emily spotted it while we were driving to the lot so that was the first place we had to visit. Go figure when we get there she got scared! If she wasn’t scared, she could have milked the cow! It was fun though! We walked along the store fronts as well and even bought Emily’s birthday dress! Stephen picked it out. I am not going to spoil it by posting a picture but it is very cute. We opted with a regular dress, not a party dress so she will get more use out of it. It is very cute and she looks so grown up. *sniff, sniff*.

  Hanging out on Main Street

Sunday, we went to Grandma and Papa’s for lunch. Emily got to eat pizza, spend time with her grandparents and Nina. What a day!!! She played with bubbles, out in the yard and had a wagon ride. What more could a little girl ask for? Clifford. She even got to watch Clifford while we were there!

Tuesday we went to one of Emily’s favorite places- the library! She was so good and was sharing and having a good time with the other boys there. I was so proud of her. She’s growing right before my very eyes. She picked out some very good books and a Clifford dvd before we left to go get some new shoes.

Clomp, clomp, clomp. That’s the sound of Emily walking around with her too big shoes on. She loves those suckers. I know she’ll grow into them but that’s what I get for not making her walk around the store. Whoops!

So that gets you up to speed. Feel like you are on speed now?!?

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Writer’s block

I moved my blog over here and went AWOL! I have been farting around with wordpress, trying to figure it all out. There are some cool features but definitely different than my old *home*. Bear with me and I should be in the swing of things again! Also, be on the lookout for a new *look*! One of my friends is working on making me an awesome header that is *me*! And I must say- she rocks!!!

It’s been pretty busy around here. I know, I keep saying that and you aren’t going to believe me! Today Grandma came to pick up Emily at the gym so they could have some park time. So what did I do on my afternoon off? I met Stephen for lunch (yay), then came back to wait for the Best Buy guy. I cleaned two bathrooms and changed the sheets while I was waiting. Fun for me, no? I am trying to get caught up and in a groove again. We leave for vacation in 10 days!!! 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you feel the excitement???

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