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Art box

Do you have a child who likes to draw, color or paint? Does she like to play with glue, stickers and ribbon? Do you have so many masterpieces that you don’t know what to do with??

We have artwork on our refrigerator and Emily’s first painting on our mantle. I cherish each and every piece and save it. I have a huge stack of scribbles and love. If I save every piece of paper, I am going to be drowning in it! I am going to get an 8×10 frame so I can rotate artwork on the wall also.

My friend and I were talking about this the other day. She gave me a really good idea on what to do. She suggested choosing a drawer or getting a box and put all of the artwork in it.  Every three or six months, go through it. Choose the artwork that you like best and want to save; the rest you can recycle. That way you always have your favorites and you don’t throw away the last time she draws a hamster for you.

Today Emily and I made an art box. We took an old shoe box and decorated it. Emily had a great time and I am ready to start filling it up with her precious artwork!

 Working hard!

Proud girl!

 Finished product









 Beautiful, stickered feet!

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