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Ice mold

Here’s another fun thing to do with your kiddo during bathtime. But you have to prepare in advance and that’s the tricky part!

I took an empty container, filled it with water and stuck some odd toys in it. Put it in the freezer overnight to turn into a huge chunk of ice. The next morning it was frozen solid! And it was bathtime!

Emily had a fun time trying to figure out how to get the toys out of the ice. She dunked it, picked at it and licked it. Finally, toys started floating to the top. Just be sure to make sure the temperature of the water stays warm!

Another option you could do with a frozen, toy block is take it outside if the weather permits and let her figure out how to melt the ice. Spray bottles, items to bang on it, forks, magnifying glass, etc.

Ice chumk

Ice chumk

Dunking under the water

Pulling out the toys

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