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One smart cookie

on September 15, 2008

This is a total Emily brag post. I don’t know she’s pretty much “on target” according to my Parents as Teachers person but I don’t know if she is ahead of the curve compared to many kids her age. I might be boasting about her and every kid her age does the same thing! But she’s my child and that makes it special!

She’s smart! She remembers places and locations. Grandma was driving her home the other day from a play-date and she pointed out the window and kept saying “Pink, Pink!” Pink’s is an ice cream place near my in laws house. We took her to the post office the other night and she kept saying “Shadow, bath”. The groomers are right across the street from the post office. Yesterday we wanted to walk along Main Street. No sooner than we got out of the car and walked around the gazebo she kept saying “Ice cream!” She remembered the ice cream shop right next door and wanted ice cream!

She is also picking up more words and phrases every day. Her new one this weekend was “Up I go.” She wanted up on the couch so as she was climbing up, she exclaimed “Up I go!”. When she wanted you to pick her up and carry her, “Up I go”. We also went to the library last week and got several books. One book that she really liked was “My Daddy and Me.” I read it to her once or twice the first day we brought it home. Thursday morning, after being mean to daddy and telling him bye before he was ready to go, she wanted to read some stories. She kept saying “Daddy, me”. I thought she was saying “Daddy mean” because I told her that she was mean to daddy when she wouldn’t let him pick her up. Nope, she was saying “Daddy, me”. That’s what she wanted me to read! –As a side note, I highly recommend that book as Emily loved it and it was really cute. I should start a post about her favorite books!

She knows more words than I give her credit for. Many animals, trucks, books. She can point out any babies, dogs or “mailman” that are within site! If there is one around, she’ll let you know. She’s getting much better with puzzles, picking up her toys, coloring and being nice. Except at the gym. She thinks she owns that place so she is a little more aggressive there. I really need to work on that.

My Emily is one smart cookie in my eyes. She has a heart of gold and the temper of a redhead (wonder where she got that from). She can let you know what she wants and what she wants you to do. She’s bossy and independent. Emily gives hugs and kisses like nobody’s business. She harasses the dog on a daily basis and loves being outside. She also loves her family and her friends.

I can not believ ethat she is going to be two in a little over a month. It just isn’t possible. Slow down baby girl, slow down a be my baby a little while longer.

3 responses to “One smart cookie

  1. JaLisa says:

    I agree….she is smart!

  2. Kelly says:

    She is really starting to be aware of the world around her isn’t she! Every mom thinks their kid is the smartest in the world I think we are entitled to it. 😉 Don’t laugh but we just returned that same book to the library last tuesday! Hannah loved it too!

  3. Kristina says:

    Wow what a smart little cookie you have on your hands Karon! And of course its the cutest little cookie I’ve ever seen!!!!

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