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Baked Apples

Tastes like the inside of an apple pie! Yummy!


4 baking apples
1/4 cup brown sugar
4 teaspoons margarine
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


Remove core from apples and place upright in baking dish, placing a tablespoon brown sugar, a teaspoon of margarine and 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon in the center of each apple. Pour water intobaking dish to 1/4 inch depth. Bake at 375 for 30-40 minutes or until tender.

This recipe was taken from One note from a user was to substitute cooking spray for margarine to save on calories. Didn’t try it this time. It was very good though. We also added some fat-free redi-whip. Yum!

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Good German family

This past weekend was our local Oktoberfest. On Saturday, they have a small parade. It’s lot of fun because there aren’t many people down there so you aren’t sitting on each other crowded. And you get lots of candy, beads and stickers. It’s amazing how much candy a little kid can get at a parade. Luckily Grandma and Papa came to help us out!

Impatient, waiting for parade

Impatient, waiting for paradeWalking through the park after the parade


Just thought this was funny

Just thought this was funny

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Vacation Photos

Still want to see more from our vacation? Check out the link to my Picasa album!

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Vacation: St. Louis style

We decided that our vacation wasn’t over until we said it was over and we weren’t ready for it to be over on Tuesday! Wednesday was our St. Louis day. We had a full day planned despite the yucky heat and humidity.

Emily actually slept in so we got a late start but after breakfast we headed over to the zoo. We got to see the baby giraffe, baby zebra and baby tiger cubs, among all the other animals. And of course, Emily got a ride on the carousel. Wouldn’t be a zoo trip without a ride on the horsies!
After lunch on the Hill, we headed over to the Magic House. Stephen had never been so it was a fun experience for him as well. Of course, Emily’s favorites were the slides and water tables. It was a real adventure! Everyone had fun!
And what’s a St. Louis day without Ted Drewe’s????? We had to cap our day off with a little frozen custard. I think Emily was more enthralled with the little water cups that you get there though. She loves her ice cream but it took a little coaxing for her to eat it.

Thursday. What can I say about Thursday. Grandma wanted to spend some time with Emily so she came and picked her up for lunch. So Stephen and I had the day to ourselves!!! We went to Nobu’s for lunch and had some yummy sushi! Then headed over to have some fun and look for a halloween costume for Emily. We had a great time- alone together. That doesn’t happen as much as it should. It was nice. And we did find the costume for Emily- after looking at 4 different stores and walking 3 malls!

I love this picture of Emily pointing

I love this picture of Emily pointing










Grocery Fun at the Magic House!
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