Love Overflowing

Sweet, sweet words…..

on October 5, 2008

Church with a toddler. A busy, loud toddler? How do you handle it? Stephen and I are active in our parish so there are weeks that we have to sit in the front and we refuse to sit in the cry room with the obnoxious kids and parents who don’t care and don’t get anything out of mass. Father Ryan said that church is about family and families with small children should not have to be segregated from the masses. We took that to heart and sit with the general population. How would Emily ever learn to behave and listen?

It’s not that Emily is bad, per se. She’s just active and doesn’t know how to whisper. It’s hard to sit still for that long for an almost two year old, let alone a 30 year old! Our only saving grace is that mass lasts for an hour or less. Usually no more. Emily goes berserk if we aren’t out of there by an hour. I am trying really hard not to compare Emily to other children close to her age. I see this family that attends our church. They have two precious children that are a bit older than Emily. They are ANGELS. I have never, ever heard them utter a peep, let alone cry. Is that normal or are they just good freaks of nature?

We were standing in church this morning, listening to a prayer. I am holding Emily of course because she wouldn’t have it any other way. She looks at me and says (in a VERY loud voice) “Mommy! I happy mommy!” Those were very, very sweet words. I couldn’t pay attention to the prayer and I got tears in my eyes. My sweet daughter. Kid, you just don’t even know how happy you make me. But she doesn’t say or do anything just once! Repeat…several times “I HAPPY Mommy!” I know that everyone around us had to hear her. Heck, Father Ryan and Deacon Joe had to hear her and they were sitting up front!

I prayed. I prayed for patience. I need patience to be a good mother. To deal with such a sweet girl who drives me out of my mind sometimes. We are getting into the twos. Ah, the twos. It’s not bad, it’s just very, very challenging. Take a deep breath and count to 10!

2 responses to “Sweet, sweet words…..

  1. jalisa says:

    She is so sweet! I can hear her saying that as I read it.

  2. Kelly W says:

    Hannah does really good but only because of practice. From the time she could move and started jabbering we practiced by “playing church.” We’d pretend we were at church and use our church voices to communicate and she sits on her nap pad and plays with quiet toys by herself all while mommy sat right next to her and did what she usually does during church.

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