Love Overflowing

Random thoughts

I went to the gym tonight and my mind started wondering while I was killing myselfon the elliptical. Here are a few of my random thoughts:

  • Where in the heck is that Clifford book???? How does one lose a book? I have searched the entire house. Did Emily hide it? Did she take it to the Oktoberfest parade and it fell out?? Why does she ask for that book every naptime?
  • Where are Max and Ruby’s parents??? I really need a life of my own.
  • Why do more dryer sheets come out than went in? Are they like rabbits and multiply?
  • My bamboo plant. I have had that thing for 5 years. I forget to water it half the time- I don’t know why as it sits right NEXT to the sink- and it doesn’t not die! Cool.
  • Why do stickers go on feet? What is Emily going to do when she has to wear pants all the time?
  • Why can I not get motivated to get to the gym more regularly?? Maybe it’s because I work there……
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