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Answer to a burning question

Stephen read my “Random Thoughts” post the other day and thought he’d try to answer a question or two fo rme. Unfortunately, he couldn’t answer the “Where’s the Clifford book” question but he could answer the burning question for a lot of parents- “Where’s Max and Ruby’s parents??”

This is what he found:

Max and Ruby’s parents are never seen. Except in the vignette entitled “Louise’s Secret”, The parents are shown in a family portrait hanging above the red flowered couch. The portrait features left to right, Father, Max, Ruby and the mother. They are never mentioned but they featured in that portrait throughout the vignette. According to Wells, “As in most other classic stories, we don’t see Max and Ruby’s parents, because I believe that kids resolve their issues and conflicts differently when they are on their own. The television series gives kids a sense about how these two siblings resolve their conflicts in a humorous and entertaining way.” Ruby acts as a maternal figure to Max, and takes care of some of Max’s basic needs. In addition, their grandmother is sometimes present and takes part in many of the episodes.

So there you have it. Thank you Wikipedia. And thank you Stephen for being dorky enough to find that for me! I love ya!


Who buys this stuff???

I was reading my “Cookie” magazine during lunch, shaking my head. “Cookie”- all the best for your family. I am certainly not the target demo for this magazine I can assure you! I don’t know anyone who is really. By all the best, they mean overpriced, designer, high end stuff normal people can’t afford. Definitely not for the average family. Then again, they don’t claim to be. Enough bashing of the magazine though, I am the one who subscribed. There are some good articles.

This issue contained “The Cookie 100”. “Sanity savers, old reliables, new discoveries….In short, our touchstones, our cure-alls, our I-just-bought-two-mores!” Here are a few items on the list that left me going “HUH?”

Those are a few of the outrageous ones that I saw. Trying not to bash the whole article, they did have things like ketchup, Pixar, boy short undies, pocket etch a sketch, and Converse among other things on the list.

I just wanna know who buys Cole Haan shoes, Tiffany spoons and Rolex’s!!!