Love Overflowing

An afternoon of bliss

Grandma picked up Emily at the gym Wednesday afternoon for a day of play. Emily LOVES her grandma and gets so excited when she knows she is going to spend the day with her. Usually I spend the afternoon catching up on chores or yard work . Not yesterday though. Stephen told me that I really needed to book a massage appointment. I had been talking about it for months but was too cheap and lazy to ever book it. I had been saving up my tip money from the gym since February for one but kept waffling about whether or not to use it for a massage, a sewing machine or a steam mop. Guess what won out?

I told Stephen that I thought I might want to get my hair cut instead and he told me to do both! It took a lot of coercion on his part but I finally made the appointment. I have to say that was the best two and a half hours that I have spent while Emily was playing with Grandma. Usually my haircuts always come out looking the same. Not this time! I sat in the chair and she asked what I wanted to do. I told her I had no clue but I wanted different. I didn’t want to walk out of there the same and go home to throw my hair in a frumpy mom ponytail. I LOVE the new ‘do that she gave me. It’s cute and manageable. Although now I discovered that I HAVE to HAVE a straight iron. Those things are friggin awesome!

The massage was amazing too! I opted to go with a deep tissue massage because I have been hurting and I wanted to her massage all the trouble spots. It was great and she got my hard areas. I think that next time in a million years I will opt for either a hot stone massage or just a plain swedish one. I am a little sore today because I did have her work it so hard but it is a good sore if that makes sense. I think I will have to ask for gift certs for Christmas!

I feel fabulous and rejuvenated!

Thank you Stephen for making me go! I love you!!!

I like that its shorter in the back

I like that it's shorter in the back