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Pumpkin Land

Thursday Emily and I went to Pumpkin Land with a friend of mine and her kiddos. All 3 children are fairly close in age so they get along together really well. Her daughter and Emily play really well together at the gym. Emily and S are getting to be better friends; as they had a rocky start. All of that was a distant memory yesterday when we were playing in the hay!

We finally found the farm, despite the directions from google maps. I think they cut my brain out when they cut my hair. It was SO simple to get there but we were going in circles. It was definitely worth the confusion!!

It was a little chilly in the morning but once we started moving we didn’t even notice. There was so much to see and do. Emily is really coming out of her shell too. She was telling people in the parking lot “Hi” and waving to them. She is also becoming a daredevil as well. She wanted to ride on the zip wire thing swings. I was surprised! She stood in line like such a big girl too! I was very impressed! She climbed up the tower of hay bales, went through the maze and even went down several slides.

There was so much to see and do there! We were there for almost 2 hours and it seemed like 10 minutes! We didn’t even get to do everything while we were there! They have hay rides, giant tire swings, huge pumpkins and more! All 3 kids had such a wonderful time. I had to climb over the sides of the maze to get Emily when it was time to leave. She was not a happy camper! She would have stayed all day long but it was getting to be lunch and nap time.

There are tons more pictures in my Picasa album. Click the link on the right! I would have taken even more but my battery died!!!!! Oh the humanity! LOL!

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