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Emily’s party

Saturday we had people over to celebrate Emily’s birthday. It was a lot of fun! Our house was full of people who love Emily- there’s nothing better! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Emily’s day with us. It truly means alot to me and to Emily (even though she doesn’t understand). We are truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. You are all awesome and amazing. Thanks again!

Emily and I made quite a few decorations by ourselves. It wasn’t that I was trying to be cheap, I was trying to be Martha Stewart! Just kidding! It was a fun activity to do together and I think was special because the decorations were made with love. And I think they turned out pretty well- if I do say so myself!

What more can you say about a party? The cake was amazing (I didn’t make this one. Once you see the pictures you will understand), the pizza was yummy, and the company was great! Emily had a good time and so did I. I wish I had more of a chance to talk to people but that’s ok! I’ll just have to talk their ear off the next time I see them.

It was a long but great day! Emily couldn’t go to bed without being read the many books she received. It was a good night!

As always, there are more pictures in the Picasa album. Just click the link on the left.


Emily’s actual birthday

Emily turned 2 on Friday (as if you haven’t figured that out yet!) Stephen took the day off so he could spend all day with his little girl. It was a busy, fun filled day.

We started the day out at St Louis Bread Company for Emily’s favorite breakfast food: a bagel! As we were leaving, she got to see two of her favorite people: JaLisa and Trinity! She was so excited when she saw them walking into the restaurant! She ran them and gave hugs. She was so happy! After we left there, we went to Dierbergs for a ride in the rocket cart and some balloons. Emily picked out the cutest Pooh and Piglet balloon! She as pretty upset that the lady put her balloons in a bag and she couldn’t hold them throughout the store.

We then went to Monkey Joe’s. It’s a place that has giant inflatables that the kids can run and play on. Emily LOVED it! She ran from play thing to play thing. She had so much fun and burned off so much energy! We will definitely be going back there soon! The only disappointing part was that I brought my camera but I forgot to put a flash card in it!! I only got a few pictures which is totally unlike me because I am a picture freak.I told myself that it was ok because I got to enjoy the time instead of snapping photos.

After MJ’s, we headed over to Grandma’s and then for lunch. Surprisingly, one of Emily’s favorite waiters was working. I say surprisingly because we went to a different location than normal. He was as shocked to see us as we were him. He absolutely adores Emily though. He told the other guy working there that Emily was gorgeous! I have to agree! When he found out that it was Emily’s birthday, he bought her a birthday cookie out of his own money! I thought that was very sweet!

Later that day, after nap and dinner, Emily’s Grandma and Papa J came over for cake and ice cream. She got to open her presents from Mommy and Daddy too. We discovered that Emily HATES candles. She cried when I lit them. I was hoping that her actual party would be better since there was only one but that wasn’t the case. More about that later though.

I think Emily had a wonderful day! She got to do Emily stuff all day long. She even got to see some of her favorite people as well! I hope it was a special day for her because her daddy and I tried to make sure she had a good time. I can’t believe that she is two now!!!!!!!!!!!! She is full of love and life. My little sunshine!

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