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Devils Food cookies





1 box Devil’s Food cake mix

2 eggs

1/2 c. vegetable oil

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Mix all ingredients together, roll into walnut-sized balls and place 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 8-10 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool 2 minutes on cookie sheet, then move to wire rack. Makes 2-3 dozen cookies.

Variations: Add walnuts, pecans, coconut or chocolate chips.

I added a handful of chocolate chips to my cookies. They were so delicious that I have to send them to work with Stephen tomorrow!

I found this recipe at this wonderful website. I can guarantee that I will be making some recipes from that site!


Meet Tom the Turkey

Over the past week, Emily and I have made 3 turkeys. The first one was very simple but took us several days. Her attention span was very limited so we worked on it when we got a chance. On the first day, I/we attempted to tear up tissue paper and glue onto a turkey of my hand. I traced Emily’s hand and she worked on coloring it. On the next day, Emily continued coloring and we glued the two pieces together. Pretty easy!

This brings me to Tom the second and Tom the third. I was scouring the internet, trying to find some Emily-friendly ideas. I saved our pumpkins from Halloween and I knew I wanted to do something with them. I found this really cute idea here. It took me several days to be able to execute this project as I had to get all of the pieces together and cut out.

We had a pretty small pumpkin on our table that we started out with. Emily colored the face and wings while I got everything situated. I think it turned out pretty well. I used hot glue to set all the pieces together. We used a larger pumpkin for the other turkey. This one was a little more challenging but fun none the less. I should have brought it inside much sooner and let it cool off for the glue would not stick. I used toothpicks on this one. Emily had a blast putting the feathers on the pumpkin. I know I am biased but I think they turned out really, really cute!

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Thanksgiving season

The time to reflect on your life. A time to think about all of the blessings that has been bestowed on you and be thankful. Thankful for God, family, jobs, friends and more. Thanksgiving is a time that we spend with family; eating, laughing, crying, eating some more. It is a time to put aside all the things that are amiss in our lives and think about all the good things that we have going for us.

Now that Emily has entered our lives, Thanksgiving is even more special. I want Emily to grow up thankful for all that she has and what’s a better time to start than now? We have been getting books from the library, talking about it (as much as you can do with a just-two year old) and doing art projects.

Over the next several days and weeks, watch for fun posts about how we are celebrating, teaching and learning. I have a few for you today!

So far we have only gotten a couple books at the library about Thanksgiving. We are on the lookout for more. Do you have any suggestions?

Two that we have read so far are: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Thank you, Thanksgiving. Charlie Brown is a pretty long book and Emily sits through the ENTIRE thing. She absolutely loves it! It has Snoopy, Linus and his *babby* and Charlie Brown. What more could you want? She wants to read that one every night before bed. I think I will be glad when it gets returned on Wednesday.

So, give me your suggestions! What books should we get?

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