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Honesty and doing the right thing

on November 14, 2008

Yesterday I was behind an accident on the highway. Right behind, dodging junk flying at me. Thank God Emily wasn’t with me otherwise she would have some new words in her vocabulary.

I was on my way to the vet, running behind as usual. One and a half exits away- I was almost there. Or was I? I saw a dump truck driver change lanes, no signal, and hit the car right in front of me. It was like it was in slow motion. I tried missing the hubcap but couldn’t manage due to cars in both lanes. I hit it. I pull over to the side of the interstate (a scary place I might add) to check my car. The driver of the hit car comes over and thanks me profusely for pulling over. Nobody else did. It’s a shame. He tells me a little about himself and I am truly sad it had to happen to him. Shouldn’t have happened to anyone but he did not need any more thrown at him.

So we wait. And we wait. I miss my vet appointment. Throws a whole wrench into the rest of my day. I am supposed to pick up Emily at her grandparents but I was sitting on the highway. Waiting. Finally the police show up, get my information and tells me I am free to go. The gentleman in the car waves at me as I cautiously pull away. He is genuinely thankful.

I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe I was running behind so I could be witness to the accident; I don’t know. Mabye it was so I wasn’t the one that got hit. I do know that I did the right thing. I don’t expect a pat on the back or kudos for it. I am just sad that no one else took the time to stop. Yeah, it messed up my afternoon and evening. Caused Emily to get to bed 2 hours late but it was worth it.

Had I not stopped, it would have been the dump truck driver’s word against the driver of the car. And the dump truck driver was/is not an honest person. I spoke to the insurance company of the gentleman that got hit today. The dump truck driver is changing his story and saying that he is not at fault- the other guy hit him. I cannot believe that.

Thank God I was there. Hopefully, I will be able to save that poor guy any extra stress by being a witness. My prayers go out to him and the personal battle he is dealing with now. And thank God no one was hurt.


One response to “Honesty and doing the right thing

  1. Tiffany says:

    Wow, that is crazy! I guess things really do happen for a reason…. Maybe one day I can find the reasons for my personal life! Love ya!

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