Love Overflowing

Oddest compliment yet

Emily is a regular in our church. She has only missed 3 masses her entire life for various reasons. Everyone knows her- they’ve watched her grow from a tiny newborn to a crazy toddler. So it not uncommon for people to tell us how cute she is on a weekly basis. Yesterday was no different.

I was waiting outside the sanctuary after mass so I could go back in and collect our stuff (I was Lector). This woman that I really didn’t recognize started walking up to me. I thought she was going to comment on the service or something. Nope. Instead she wanted to tell me that Emily was “edible. Absolutely edible. Just darling and so cute!” Edible, huh? I am used to being told how cute, how beautiful, how big she is getting and even how crazy she is but I have never been told that she is “Edible”. That’s one for the record books.