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Clifford, the big (scary?) red dog

on November 21, 2008

Yesterday Emily was feeling a bit puny and didn’t want to nap well. We were supposed to go see Clifford the big red dog at the library but I didn’t know if we would make it or not. She was a mess before dinner.

But Emily LOVES Clifford. She told her Grandma that’s what she wanted for her birthday; she requests to watch her Clifford shows on a daily basis. Stephen thought that it would help her to feel better if she went to see her favorite dog in the whole wide world. So we went.

We found a spot on the floor, listened to a Clifford story and even did a dance. Emily was having a blast- shaking her booty and everything! They has plenty of Clifford activities for the kids to do- make Clifford ears, bookmarks, color, bean bag toss. It was a lot of fun!

Then she saw Clifford through the doorway. “Clifford, Mommy!!” Emily exclaimed in excitement. The door opened. And the tears started rolling. I think she climbed up my leg before I could even pick her up. She was terrified of Clifford. We thought she would warm up to him so we started off by making her some Clifford ears. That didn’t help. We thought we would ease her into getting a picture. You can see for yourself how that went.

On our way out, we asked Emily if she had a good time. Know what her answer was???? “Yep.”

Go figure.

One response to “Clifford, the big (scary?) red dog

  1. Amy says:

    Loving Clifford and wanting to be anywhere near him are too different things!

    Sean was about the same when meeting Tyrone and Austin from the Backyardigans. Talked about it for days, but he was literally ripping the flesh from my chest when we got close to them!

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