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Made me laugh…

on November 21, 2008
I have the Google toolbar on the right side of my computer screen. One of my gadgets is a slide-show of the photos on my computer. I love it! I get to see tons of pictures and see how much my life has changed. It’s great.
As some as you know, I am addicted to taking photos. For Emily’s first year of life, we made a 365 album. We made sure that we took pictures every day to document her growth, personality and presence. I love looking back at those photos.

There’s one picture in particular that made me laugh when I saw it come across my slide-show today. I had to share. It shows Emily’s personality then and now. She’s stubborn and knows what she wants. She likes things the way she likes them and is going to fight for it!

I want it my way or no way
I want it my way or no way

 This shows Emily’s pickiness in eating. She was like Goldilocks. The bottle temperature had to be “just” right. She also had to sit a certain way. And that way was never the same. On this particular day, she wanted to be sprawled out, feet up on the table. No matter how you tried to sit her up, she remained laid back.

She’s still stubborn as ever! And I love it!

One response to “Made me laugh…

  1. Kristina says:

    I love it! Shes a typical girl and knows what she wants! Isn’t amazing to look back at all the pictures and see how fast they’ve grown up. You forget until you look back.

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