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Target or Kohl’s???

Black Friday. The early morning crazies. Deals, schmeals….There wasn’t anything in any ad that made me want to get up out of my toasty bed to hit the stores early. I had to work anyway but not until 8. So, we slept in. And we were toasty! How about you????

We did some shopping after dinner instead. Emily was in rare form as always. She was cracking me up even before we left the house. She has several cell phones that she plays with. Of course she picked out the largest one of the bunch and HAD to take it with her. The silly thing barely fit into her jeans pocket but that’s where it was supposed to be. HAD to be. After putting it in her pocket 10 times we were ready to go.

We were debating on trying to do some actual shopping at Target or heading over to Kohl’s to pick up a few things but mainly browse. The toddler said we should go to Kohl’s. Not sure why but that’s where she wanted to go. Stephen and I decided that our time out would be better spend actually knocking some items off of our list so we were going to Target. We were stopped at the stoplight when Emily stopped chatting on her phone and heard Stephen and I say that we were heading to Target.

“NO!!!!!!! NO, Target!!!!! Go Kohl’s!!!!! I go Kohl’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That was one determined toddler. Who knew that a two year old had an opinion on where to go shopping! So, we compromised. We told Emily that we were going to Target first and then we would head to Kohl’s. We get off of the highway, stop at the light before Target and Emily spazzes! “Kohl’s!!!!!!!!!! Go Kohl’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Curious….Why Kohl’s? “Emily, why do you want to go to Kohl’s??” Daddy asks. “I dunno,” answers Emily.

And there you have it. The toddler’s guide to shopping. Go to Kohl’s. Stephen and I think that it has to do with Kohl’s little shopping carts but we are just grasping at straws!

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