Love Overflowing

Thanksgiving weekend

on December 1, 2008

We were so busy but not- if that makes any sense!

We started out on Wednesday. Emily spent the day with her Grandma and Grandpa. I got my hair cut and ran a million errands. We all met for pizza at The Incredible Pizza Company. It was okay. We weren’t really impressed with the pizza or it’s selection. The deserts were good though. Emily loved the games for her age. She actually enjoyed watching Stephen and I ride the go karts as well. We did have a good time though and had one tired toddler on our hands when we got home.

Thursday. Thanksgiving Day!! We watched part of the Macy’s parade before heading out to visit my family. Emily LOVED the parade. We dvr’d it so she could watch it later. She didn’t mind because she was going to see all of her cousins!!!! It was a really good time. We laughed, we talked, we ate. We ate some more. Emily played and played. And didn’t nap. It was a long day. But a good one. I loved seeing all of the cousins together. I am glad that Emily has some playmates!

Saturday was our annual “help grandma and papa decorate” evening. She helped with a few ornaments before her toddler attention span got the best of her and Aunt Nina got there. Why put up ornaments when you can play with Nina? It was nice to get to spend time with everyone.

Sunday we went to church and then worked on decorating our Christmas tree. I think Emily was a bit “decorated” out by this point. But she did well. She hung a few ornaments before she started bossing Daddy around, telling him to hang things “High. Up there.”

It was a short four days. But a good four days. We weren’t on the go the entire time and spent time relaxing, as a family. Emily is still catching up on a lack of sleep. She took naps all days except Thursday but never made it to bed at her normal time until last night. Can we say “crabby toddler”?

I hope you all had a wonderful, family filled holiday weekend with lots of laughter, smiles and bargains!


I took a million pictures on Thanksgiving. I didn’t want to bore you. They are uploaded into the Picasa album (link on right).

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