Love Overflowing

No fear…

except costumed people.

We went to Monkey Joes’s Monday with some friends and had such a wonderful time. Emily was doing so much more this time than she did on her birthday. I think part of the reason is her friend K was with her and she is 4. She was going on all the inflatables and having a blast. There’s this one that has two huge slides. The only way to get to the top is to climb, normally using the ropes to pull you up. Emily chose to pull herself up the “steps”. She must have guns of steel! I was amazed that she made it up there several times. It was so funny watching her come down. It was a look of terror and excitement. The girls she was playing with were great. They would wait for her to make it to the top when the could have slid down and made it to the top again.

I think most of the kiddos there had a good time. Emily had a blast because her favorite friends were there with her! She had fun until Monkey Joe showed up. I tried showing her how her one friend LOVED him and was giving him hugs. All Emily did was scream.

For a child that has no fear, she was pretty scared. Someday Monkey Joe, someday she will love you!

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Smile for the camera

Saturday was picture day. Nothing like spending the afternoon in the mall…waiting. Actually, we didn’t have to wait long before we got the photos taken. We had enough time to change Emily and run next door to get Lucy some new threads. Not surprising, Lucy’s dress looks similar to Emily’s. And yes, Lucy was in the photos. The surprising part was that babby was not!!! I think this is the first time in over a year that babby has not been in photos. (In case you’re wondering, babby is Emily’s blanket.)

Emily did really well during the shoot. She told him what she wanted to do and when. He made her smile and all was good. Then we waited. Finally we got our pictures and rewarded Emily with some time to play in the mall kid pit. By the time we were homeward bound, Emily decided that there was to be no naps. So we took her downtown to take more pictures.

I think we got some pretty decent shots considering it was cold and windy.

It was a good day for everyone.

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