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A night out- adult style!

Stephen and I were lucky enough to get a night out on Saturday. The whole night! Stephen’s parents asked if we would like Emily to stay the night a few weeks ago and we would never turn down a golden opportunity like that!

After spending some time visiting with Stephen’s uncle and family, we headed out- sans Emily. We went to a yummy restaurant for dinner, alone. Oh, how I miss not leaving the table without having been slimed or being ordered to share my food! After dropping the food off at home and letting the doggy out, we went to our historic downtown area for some shopping and walking. It was nice actually being able to go into stores together without the toddler. It was windy but it was beautiful! The stores were open late and Main Street was decorated for Christmas. I cannot believe that we have never gone down there after dark during the Christmas season. I do believe that it must become a tradition!

Later, we headed over to Borders and for ice cream. It was 10pm by the time we left Cold Stone! I don’t think I remember what 10pm looks like! But that’s not it! We didn’t head home!!! We headed to Dave & Buster’s for some late night fun. And we had a blast! We even won a special prize that Emily’s jaw dropped when she saw upon her arrival home. Almost midnight. That’s what time we got home and hung out for another hour or so before calling it a night.

Little did I know, I should have hit the hay much sooner because I was going to be up at 7am, sick. What a lovely way to end a wonderful night out with the love of my life! I did miss Emily but it was wonderful to spend some alone time with Stephen and reconnect a bit. And we didn’t talk about Emily the entire time!!

I do have one more thing to add. Thank you Stephen for taking care of me today while I have been feeling rotten. You are the best husband in the world! I love you!!!

I only have one photo to share. I wish I had not left my camera at the inlaws because Main Street was screaming for some photos!


*Ornamental* project

I thought Emily would have fun making some ornaments this year. She loves making cookies with Grandma and this isn’t a far stretch. I was right- she had a blast. The whole project took us two days though as we worked on it after naps  on the days that we worked.

I used a salt dough recipe that I found on Emily had a blast “helping” roll out all the dough. She got to choose what cookie cutter to use and even made them herself. The ornaments turned out a little puffed but I think that’s because I am a rebel and didn’t follow baking directions. They turned out not bad for our first time though.

Painting was another story. Emily likes to do it but she hates having her hands dirty. Finger paints are totally out of the question now! She did pretty well with the brushes though. Although the concept of one brush per color was lost on her but she’s 2! I still need to go buy some clear acrylic paint but I think they turned out pretty well.

They were made with love and that’s what counts!

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