Love Overflowing

That’s a lot of years…

on December 23, 2008

Yesterday was Stephen’s grandpa’s birthday. He turned 96! He’s doing quite well for someone that age. We took a drive to celebrate his birthday with him. Emily lovingly calls him “Great Papa”. It’s so sweet!

We weren’t sure how she would do, as she is timid in new circumstances and being around people she hasn’t seen in awhile. It only took her a short time to warm up and then she was her charming self! We visited, had cake and ice cream and opened presents (not necessarily in that order).

Later in the afternoon, we headed up to meet more family for lunch. It was very nice to get to visit with people that we don’t see on a regular basis. Of course, Emily was the life of the party. Jingle belling all over the eating area and around the store. She was turning heads every where she went!

There’s never enough time to visit everyone that you want but we enjoyed who we saw. And most importantly, we got to wish Ray a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and that’s what yesterday was all about!

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