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What a past few days…..

on December 26, 2008

We had a very eventful past couple of days! I am going to have to do a couple of posts here so bear with me!

What to start with, what to start with…..

I guess I’ll start with our Christmas Eve and go from there. Emily wasn’t herself that day. Cried during breakfast, was puny during lunch and snuggled a lot. She woke up after an hour of her nap, screaming. I went to check on her and she said her ear hurt. I grabbed the thermometer and she was running 100.3. Unfortunately, the doctor’s office was closed at that point. That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to happen right?? Stephen found a pediatric urgent care that was open and we headed over. We didn’t want her to suffer all night and on Christmas day.

She did really, really well there. Impressed the doctor with her language skills and that she readily opened her mouth for a strep swab. I was impressed myself. Throat looked horrible, that’s why she’d been crying at meal times and when drinking. I thought she’d just bitten her tongue. Talk about feeling like an awful mommy…Her ears were really inflamed as well.

Strep test came back negative but we were given antibiotics for her ears. She’s still not feeling well today and her throat is still really bothering her. I think we will have to take her to her doctor tomorrow. I talked to the nurse and she said to bring her in on Saturday if she’s not doing better. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday……

Also, on Wednesday night, my sister called me to tell me that they admitted my nephew to the hospital. They thought they were going to have to put a breathing tube in because his throat was swelling shut. It was a pretty scary night for my younger sister. I know many prayers were said for Ben that night. Luckily they didn’t have to tube him and he was home on Christmas Day. They say he’s doing better and starting to eat again. I am very glad to hear that because Ben is one of the sweetest little guys you’d ever meet.

When we were visiting on Saturday, he’d take my face in his hands and draw it up to his and give me kisses. I could take that little guy home with me but I don’t think my sister or my dad would let me sneak him into my car!!! I am going to have to work on that one.

So all in all, things are better on the health front.  Although Emily isn’t fully recovered yet, her throat is still really yucky looking but at least she got some relief and wasn’t miserable for Christmas. She had too much to do!!!

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