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Update: OSC

on December 30, 2008

A couple of people have asked me how Operation: Skinny Chicks is going so I thought I would update!

OSC started on December 1. Since my first weigh-in, I have lost 4 pounds. I know that isn’t lighting the world on fire but I think considering it is December, with all the food that goes with it, 4 pounds is decent. I managed to not gain during the holidays and that’s the key.

I am ashamed to say though that I haven’t been to the gym in over 2 weeks. I was sick one week, last week Stephen was off and we had so much to do and I haven’t made it in this week. I am going to get my schedule of workouts back in sync and really eating better.

So, as you can see, OSC is plugging along, albeit with a slow start. But it’s moving right along!

2 responses to “Update: OSC

  1. run4change says:

    Slow start, that’s ok. Even if you go slow you will make it to the end and meet your goal. I made my goal albiet slowly also. I lost 130 lbs. No I just have to keep it off. It all started just like how you started. 4 lbs, that is just great. good job.

  2. kristina says:

    Great job Karon!!!! Four pounds during the holiday season is amazing and you should feel very proud!!!

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