Love Overflowing


Trying to get a picture of Emily smiling is a joke these days. For the professionals, sure! She’s all ham and cheese but for me- NO WAY! It’s “NO MOMMY!!! NO PICTURE!”

This is what I get:

I normally delete the screaming pictures but I had a few to share. So much for trying to submit her into any cute kid contests. Sorry Regis and Kelly! LOL!

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Snow day activity

What to do when you are stuck in the house?? What to do???

My friend gave me an awesome “recipe” for puffy paint. I have had the stuff for some time but was just waiting for the right time to break it out. Snow day #2 was THE day. I am not totally sure that I made the “‘paint” right but let me tell you….This stuff entertained Emily for a good half hour or more! Granted I had to keep wiping off her hands as she hates paint on her hands but she enjoyed it!

So here’s what you do:

Take plain shaving cream and mix with glue (Elmers). Mix until the consistency is a little thicker than regular shaving cream. You can then add glitter and mix more. If you want to do different colors, you can add some powdered paint. Give your kiddo a paint brush and paper and let them go to town! It’s all soft and puffy when it dries.

I know we will definitely be doing this again! Totally worth the mess! (Note to self: Must buy cheap plastic table cloth for craft projects.)

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Now this is what I am talking about!

After complaining about the lack of snow yesterday, I had to eat my words. It snowed, and snowed and snowed. I am guessing 6-7 inches. I could be way off base because I haven’t really paid attention to the news nor taken a ruler outside.

But, we did go outside today. And we had fun. Poor Emily had a hard time walking in the snow though. But she made it through. We sled down our yard a few times, made snow piles and then walked down to our subdivision’s common area. To the big hill. At least it was a big hill to two people who have never been sledding before. What a thrill! Emily loved it! We rinsed and repeated three times. It’s very exhausting lugging a toddler up a hill over your shoulder!

So, after shoveling the driveway and playing in the snow, I am spent!

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Having fun with what you got

We were so excited to wake up this morning. All the news shows were talking about how much snow we were supposed to get. Imagine our disappointment when it was discovered that there was more snow on the driveway and roads than on the ground. We could still see the top of the grass.

But did we let that stop us? No!!!! I had promised a certain little girl some time out in the snow followed by hot cocoa. I think she was more excited about the latter though. This is the first year that she has REALLY gotten to experience snow. Last year she still wasn’t walking. I’d just throw her out and see if she could swim! Seriously though- there’s only so much you can do in the snow with a crawler.

I don’t think she really new what to think today. She was unsure about really playing in it and face planted a couple of times. She was very timid to ride the sled to the common ground and the hill. Unfortunately, by the time I talked her into it and we got down there, it started sleeting so we turned around.

On a positive (?) note, there’s a ton more snow outside now so maybe we’ll get to make our snowman yet. Or I will get to make a snowman I should say!

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If you can walk…

you can work!!!!!

Emily loves helping around the house.

Have swiffer...will dust

Have swiffer...will dust

Vacuuming, washing dishes (aka splashing in the soap), put her milk cups back together, dusting….You name it! Now if I could only teach her how to clean the toilets……….

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Banging my head against a wall…..

aka: trying to teach Emily her colors.

I wonder if she is the ONLY two year old that thinks everything is pink. She just doesn’t get it. As hard as I try, as often as we talk about colors…Pink. Everything is pink. I have two theories:

  1. She just has no interest in learning her colors. She’s too busy doing everything else.
  2. She’s color or shade blind.

I am leaning more toward #1. Luckily we have our Parent Educator coming over next week (as long as the weather cooperates). I am going to talk to her then. If you have any ideas, I would love to have them.

We have tried a matching game with paint chips. It held her attention for about 5 minutes…

PS: One other thing that I worry about probably needlessly is the fact that she still can’t jump. It’s still one foot then the other. Never at once. I think she’s scared. Like she was with walking. It will come….


Growth spurt????

I really wish I had measured Emily around Thanksgiving. Since her check up in October, she has grown at least an inch, probably more. Her 2T pants still fit, some of her 2T shirts are getting a little short and dresses….Well, we are moving on to 3T dresses. She has some 2T that still fit but the new ones have to be 3T otherwise she will look like a prostitot with her skirt hitting right below her hiney.

If I had to wager a bet, I would bet that Emily is going to be going through another spurt. She is a eating machine! I hate to cut her off because I think at this age she eats because she is hungry- not just to be eating. I asked her if she was done with lunch yesterday and she said “No Mommy. I’m hungry!!” Never mind the fact that she had just eaten an entire grilled cheese sandwich (bread included, which she usually leaves), two slices of turkey, three small handfuls of diced cucumbers, a banana and some crackers. I thought her dinner would be light. Nope. She ate 2 hot dogs, tomatoes, cucumbers, a Clementine and a whole container of Weight Watcher yogurt. And the majority of a homemade banana chocolate chip muffin later!

At this rate, she’s going to be pushing 4T by the time she turns 3. She’s already about the size of a 3 year old. I think I am raising a giant. A gentle giant, but a giant nonetheless!

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Making do….

It’s winter. It’s cold. Where’s the snow???? I never imagined that I would be asking that question in the end of January. We had one measurable snow but by the time we got out of church and nap time was over- it was gone! We didn’t get to play in it.

Do you know why we aren’t getting snow??? Because all 3 of us got new snow boots this year. Shame on us for ruining all the fun!

Since Emily hasn’t gotten to go outside and play in the snow, we decided to improvise and make our own snowman. Nice and easy. No mess involved.

I still can’t wait to get outside in the snow with Emily though. This year she can walk! It will be so much fun! I want to share hot chocolate with her afterwards too….Bring on the snow!!

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Oh, oh..It’s Magic…

Yesterday Emily and I went to the Magic House with our school district’s Parents As Teachers. We had a really great time. Emily spent most of the time at the water and sand table. Usually she goes down the slide about half a dozen times but only 3 this time. Water. Sand. Water again. Wet, wet, wet! She had a blast!

We only had a set amount of time in the Magic House, which was a huge bummer. And they only let us in the “Little Bit of Magic” section. It’s designed for 1-6 year olds so it was good but there’s SO much more to see and do. You could spend HOURS there! Plus, they just opened up a new “wing” that I am itching to take a look at. Fortunately, the double booked groups so we got to see one itty bitty teeny tiny section of the new part. We got to play in “Fairytale Land” (I think that’s what it’s called) for a short time. It was SO much fun and really wet my pallet to see the rest of their new digs. I think another trip is in order soon. Very soon. Anyone interested?

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For the health of it…..

Good health has not been my friend this past week. I got some sort of a bug on Thursday night. I woke up freezing!! I was shivering so bad and couldn’t stop; it was like I couldn’t control my body. Thankfully Stephen put a blanket in the dryer for me. When I wrapped myself up in warmth I had to calm myself down to stop the shaking. I was so scared that Stephen was going to have to take me to the hospital.

The following morning I didn’t feel “bad”. I felt sore and worn out. I was running a low grade fever. I called into work and was planning on having a veg tv day with Emily. Following Stephen’s request, I got into the doctor and then called my mother-in-law.  I have to say that I have the best mil in the whole world. She was at my house, picking up Emily within the hour and kept her until after Stephen got home. I was able to sleep the rest of the day and try to fight an ever rising fever. Thankfully, I was pretty much back to normal by Sunday.

Earlier in the week, I had received a call from my GI doctor regarding some blood work I had. He is concerned about some levels going up and an inflammatory mass he felt at my last appointment. I am not too concerned because I know there are other things that can affect the levels he checked. For the most part, I feel fine. Sure, I deal with the normal Crohn’s Disease issues but it’s nothing that I can’t handle. I am still 110% better off than I was almost 7 years ago. Then I was barely able to stand, eat or walk at times. The pain was excruciating and I was exhausted.

I still have times that I wonder if I am doing the best for my condition that I can. I know my doctor is up to date on all of the drug therapies out there. Unfortunately for me, my body does not work the way that it should. That fact shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. There have been several “break-through” drugs that just sucked wind for me. My body didn’t tolerate them. My doctor wants to discuss the newest one out there now. I do see him in a little less than a month.

In the meantime, I am going to do as much research on my own. I want to know if there are any changes to my diet that I can make to help. I am going to do some research into possibly seeing a dietitian (not sure if that would help). I also want to know if there is anything else that might be able to help me as well. I am currently taking fish oil to see if it helps with the inflammation. Obviously not.

So, as of right now, I am on a self-imposed diet. A no raw veggie diet. And I hate it. I heart salads. But I think that I need to give my guts some time to work things out. Canned veggies- here I come. I think I am going to have to get the Sneaky Chef book for myself so I can get more veggies in my diet!

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