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One of the reasons I blog is for therapy. It helps me stay sane and is free. I am able to get my feelings out and not have them bottled up. This post is therapy…..

Do you ever have those days that you feel like you are a failure and you don’t know what the hell you are doing? It seems like you are second guessing yourself and all of your decisions? Life seems to be taking you by the ears and squeezing really hard? Welcome to my world….

Life with a toddler is maddening. Heck, life itself is maddening. But I suppose that’s what it’s all about- living and learning as we go right? The past few days have had me second guessing myself as a parent. Am I doing the right things with Emily? Food, exercise, activities, crafts, learning, discipline, big girl bed. Everything.

Unfortunately, children don’t come with instruction manuals. You have to wing it as you go and hope that you are doing the right thing and pray that she will turn out to be a respectful, happy child. What works for one child doesn’t work for another. There are thousands of books out there on parenting. One book will totally contradict what another one says. You just have to decide what works best for your family. I am huge on advice and have no qualms about asking for help. Obviously, I don’t know what the heck I am doing so I need any ideas I can get on how to be a better parent. I am not too proud to ask for advice.

The last few days have been hard. I am not saying that all of our issues are related to the crib to bed transition. I am sure some of them are. One thing I am sure of as well, is that some of our issues are just related to the life and times of a toddler. A two year old who thinks the world revolves around them. A two year old, that despite having a great vocabulary, still cannot tell you what they want or need all the time. They can’t express themselves the way they want. A two year old that has the burning desire to be independent but just can’t quite do it all on her own. It’s frustrating for all parties involved.

The bed transition started out ok. The past few days have been a struggle at nap times and bedtime. Not a struggle in that she gets out of her bed in the middle of the night. A struggle in just getting her in bed and lying down. Ready for the lights to go out. She stalls, she asks questions, she kicks, she pleads, she asks for more prayers. Once I can get out the door, I am golden. She listens to her mobile for about an hour and then goes to sleep. That part isn’t any different than when she was in the crib. She always needed about a half hour to an hour to wind down. It’s the getting out of the room (me) that makes me want to bang my head on a wall. She’s been getting up earlier as well. That coupled with shorter naps- you do the math. Tired, cranky two year old. Add in a frustrated mommy….Not good times.

Don’t get me wrong. Not every hour of the day is bad. Yesterday, after kickboxing class, we were golden. Mommy was more relaxed and calm and so was Emily. It was a very pleasant morning. It’s not all bad. I am painting a bad picture here and I don’t mean to. I am just venting and *therapying* the frustrating stuff going on in my life right now.

I have been going back and forth on the whole crib/bed thing. I really don’t know what to do and really need to think a lot about it. Things weren’t pretty tonight. Stephen ended up working late so I fed Emily. When he got home, she couldn’t decide if she was done eating or if she wanted back at the table. Tears and yelling followed. Then she got upset about a toy that we wouldn’t give her. All out temper tantrum. Lying in the floor, tears, screaming. After Stephen and I got done eating, we decided that Emily was tired and needed to go to bed. We tried something new. We switched her back to her old pillow (just put it in the princess pillowcase) and took all of her friends, except for one, out of the bed. We read, we snuggled and we told her that we loved her. We told her that we loved her very much that she needed to get some rest and that she needed to listen to mommy and daddy when the told her no. I know she didn’t get it fully but the main point was that we loved her and weren’t angry with her, just angry with her attitude.

And we put her to bed. There was a little stalling, switching of which friend slept with her, prayers and kisses. The mobile played for a little over an hour. I made it out of her room without tears or banging my head on the wall. And she’s asleep. And it’s before 8pm.

This parenting thing is hard work. Especially for first time parents. It’s a “learn as you go” kind of thing. You are bound to make mistakes. That’s a given. We are learning  this whole discipline, food, bed, etc stuff.

I don’t know what in the world I am doing. I just hope that I am not totally failing at my job of parent, teacher and caregiver. I don’t want to totally mess Emily up. I just pray for patience and guidance. I can only do the best I can and hope that my best is good enough.


Turkey Pot Pie

I made a pot pie for the first time last night and it was yummy! I thought I would share the recipe. I found it on


1 box (15 oz) Pillsbury® refrigerated pie crusts, softened as directed on box
1/3 cup butter or margarine
1/3 cup chopped onion
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 3/4 cups Progresso® chicken broth (from 32-oz carton)
1/2 cup milk
2 1/2 cups shredded cooked chicken or turkey
2 cups Green Giant® Valley Fresh Steamers™ frozen mixed vegetables, thawed

1. Heat oven to 425°F. Make pie crusts as directed on box for Two-Crust Pie using 9-inch glass pie pan.
2. In 2-quart saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Add onion; cook 2 minutes, stirring frequently, until tender. Stir in flour, salt and pepper until well blended. Gradually stir in broth and milk, cooking and stirring until bubbly and thickened.
3. Stir in chicken and mixed vegetables. Remove from heat. Spoon chicken mixture into crust-lined pan. Top with second crust; seal edge and flute. Cut slits in several places in top crust.
4. Bake 30 to 40 minutes or until crust is golden brown. During last 15 to 20 minutes of baking, cover crust edge with strips of foil to prevent excessive browning. Let stand 5 minutes before serving.

I used light margarine and turkey.

This was a hit with Stephen. Emily like the veggies in it. She isn’t a big chicken or turkey eater- she doesn’t like the texture. One day she’ll like it.

I will make this again for sure. I think I will get the recipe for a weight watcher crust from my mother-in-law to make it even more healthier.

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Placemat fun

Finished product

Finished product

I have been trying to think of some fun things to do this winter when the weather is cold and we don’t want to venture out. (I am always open for ideas if you have them!) Yesterday, I decided that we would make a placemat for Emily. I told her that she could eat her dinner on it and she didn’t like that idea. She did have fun making it though!

Items used:

  • Contact paper- need two equal size pieces
  • Construction paper
  • stickers
  • winter clipart and decorations

I taped the first piece of contact paper onto the table and place the construction paper on top. Emily enjoyed putting stickers all over it and decorating it. When she finished decorating it, I put the remaining contact paper over the top and used a ruler to smooth it down. I got a few crinkles but I think it still looks cute. Now if I could just get her to use it! I suppose I could put it on her table in her room and she can use it as a placemat in there or she could even color on it. Contact paper wipes clean!

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