Love Overflowing


I try not to talk about it too much, lest I anger the sleep gods……

Switching Emily’s pillow and going down to 1 friend seems to have helped. It still takes her an hour to get to sleep but she was like that in the crib. Needed to wind down and listen to her mobile. (Yes, the mobile is in her bed. It attached to the guard well perfectly. She can turn it on and off herself. No, it isn’t the type of mobile that has the hanging pieces. This is just the base to one of those.)

I need to learn that it’s not, for a lack of a better term, “dump and run” anymore. Some day it will be, maybe. She has to get situated, have the cup in the right place, the kleenex in the right place, have the right toy, say her prayers, get tucked in, etc, etc. It’s amazing how they KNOW the routine and any deviation from it cannot be tolerated.

She has slept until 6:30 for the past few mornings. That’s pretty common for her. For her to sleep past 7- that’s the rarity. She has been getting out of her bed in the morning but she comes to knock on our door so daddy can turn on the light and she plays while we get dressed. I really can’t complain.

So, all in all, things are getting better. I just need to practice patience. Her naps aren’t as long as normal but she is cutting molars. One day at a time…..

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