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Banging my head against a wall…..

aka: trying to teach Emily her colors.

I wonder if she is the ONLY two year old that thinks everything is pink. She just doesn’t get it. As hard as I try, as often as we talk about colors…Pink. Everything is pink. I have two theories:

  1. She just has no interest in learning her colors. She’s too busy doing everything else.
  2. She’s color or shade blind.

I am leaning more toward #1. Luckily we have our Parent Educator coming over next week (as long as the weather cooperates). I am going to talk to her then. If you have any ideas, I would love to have them.

We have tried a matching game with paint chips. It held her attention for about 5 minutes…

PS: One other thing that I worry about probably needlessly is the fact that she still can’t jump. It’s still one foot then the other. Never at once. I think she’s scared. Like she was with walking. It will come….


Growth spurt????

I really wish I had measured Emily around Thanksgiving. Since her check up in October, she has grown at least an inch, probably more. Her 2T pants still fit, some of her 2T shirts are getting a little short and dresses….Well, we are moving on to 3T dresses. She has some 2T that still fit but the new ones have to be 3T otherwise she will look like a prostitot with her skirt hitting right below her hiney.

If I had to wager a bet, I would bet that Emily is going to be going through another spurt. She is a eating machine! I hate to cut her off because I think at this age she eats because she is hungry- not just to be eating. I asked her if she was done with lunch yesterday and she said “No Mommy. I’m hungry!!” Never mind the fact that she had just eaten an entire grilled cheese sandwich (bread included, which she usually leaves), two slices of turkey, three small handfuls of diced cucumbers, a banana and some crackers. I thought her dinner would be light. Nope. She ate 2 hot dogs, tomatoes, cucumbers, a Clementine and a whole container of Weight Watcher yogurt. And the majority of a homemade banana chocolate chip muffin later!

At this rate, she’s going to be pushing 4T by the time she turns 3. She’s already about the size of a 3 year old. I think I am raising a giant. A gentle giant, but a giant nonetheless!

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