Love Overflowing

Having fun with what you got

on January 27, 2009

We were so excited to wake up this morning. All the news shows were talking about how much snow we were supposed to get. Imagine our disappointment when it was discovered that there was more snow on the driveway and roads than on the ground. We could still see the top of the grass.

But did we let that stop us? No!!!! I had promised a certain little girl some time out in the snow followed by hot cocoa. I think she was more excited about the latter though. This is the first year that she has REALLY gotten to experience snow. Last year she still wasn’t walking. I’d just throw her out and see if she could swim! Seriously though- there’s only so much you can do in the snow with a crawler.

I don’t think she really new what to think today. She was unsure about really playing in it and face planted a couple of times. She was very timid to ride the sled to the common ground and the hill. Unfortunately, by the time I talked her into it and we got down there, it started sleeting so we turned around.

On a positive (?) note, there’s a ton more snow outside now so maybe we’ll get to make our snowman yet. Or I will get to make a snowman I should say!

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