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Snow day activity

What to do when you are stuck in the house?? What to do???

My friend gave me an awesome “recipe” for puffy paint. I have had the stuff for some time but was just waiting for the right time to break it out. Snow day #2 was THE day. I am not totally sure that I made the “‘paint” right but let me tell you….This stuff entertained Emily for a good half hour or more! Granted I had to keep wiping off her hands as she hates paint on her hands but she enjoyed it!

So here’s what you do:

Take plain shaving cream and mix with glue (Elmers). Mix until the consistency is a little thicker than regular shaving cream. You can then add glitter and mix more. If you want to do different colors, you can add some powdered paint. Give your kiddo a paint brush and paper and let them go to town! It’s all soft and puffy when it dries.

I know we will definitely be doing this again! Totally worth the mess! (Note to self: Must buy cheap plastic table cloth for craft projects.)

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