Love Overflowing


on January 30, 2009

Trying to get a picture of Emily smiling is a joke these days. For the professionals, sure! She’s all ham and cheese but for me- NO WAY! It’s “NO MOMMY!!! NO PICTURE!”

This is what I get:

I normally delete the screaming pictures but I had a few to share. So much for trying to submit her into any cute kid contests. Sorry Regis and Kelly! LOL!

One response to “Pictures…..

  1. DLFields says:

    Our local newspaper has a “cute kid contest” every year. This year I noticed an abundance of kids who were poised, pretty and plastic. Oh, and sullen too. So few of the pictures were of kids being kids (digging in the mud, eating mud, painting themselves head to toe in mud, etc..)
    Go ahead and take a picture of your daughter being a kid, whatever form that is and send it to the judges.
    Best of luck!

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