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A hint of spring

The past few days have been filled with just a hint of spring. We have been able to get out and enjoy! I only wish that it would stay warm forever! I know that isn’t possible so I am just asking for weather that is not below average. No more highs of 32. Is that too much to ask for???

Yesterday we met a couple of Emily’s friends at the park. It was a last minute, spur of the moment kind of thing and it was GREAT! We ate our lunch first and then the kids got to play, play, play! They had a blast! Unfortunately S and Em found the mud puddles but what’s fun at the park without some dirt?? The nice warm air was needed to blow the stink off of us!

Thanks Julie for calling us and inviting us to the park! We had a blast!

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Fly away little grilled cheese…

Emily has a memory like a steel trap. A week or so ago I mentioned making a butterfly grilled cheese sandwich. She didn’t seem that into it at the time. Fast forward to Monday. I asked her what she wanted for lunch. I had to ask her a few times because what she was saying wasn’t registering with me. I finally figured out that she wanted a grilled cheese butterfly. She looked at me like “how many times are you going to ask me to say this??”

So here you have it. She ate every last bite!


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