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Stuck in a rut…

on February 19, 2009

I haven’t had many entries this month. I am not really sure why. I think I am just stuck in a rut. A blah rut. Ever get like that? I am running out of ideas of things to do with Emily. I am tired and running on fumes.

I think part of it has to do with the weather. One day it will be nice and spring like and the next it’s parka weather again. Doesn’t do much for the psyche that’s for sure. There’s only so much gloom a person can handle before they find a corner to hide in.  **Here’s to spring. Hurry up!!**

What else is going on? Emily is officially cutting molars. Officially this time. Tooth buds poking through the skin and everything. What does that mean? A toddler who can go from sweet and cute to mean and grouchy in 2.5 seconds. A toddler who is clingy and needy. “I want you Mommy. I want YOU.” A toddler who would rather have her mommy even though her daddy is standing right there with open arms. And a mommy who is tired. A mommy who loves her little girl more than life but a mommy who needs some personal space!

We are also starting the very beginnings of potty training. We had a good run about a month ago poops in the potty. (You know you are a mom when you openly talk about pooping and peeing on the potty.) And then we went out of town for the funeral and stinks went back to the diaper. I shouldn’t even be talking about this! Jinxing it. Yesterday I put on a pull up. She had 2 accidents during the day. I am not sure how today went. She did go potty twice at the gym but now she’s at grandma’s. So we’ll see. I am not expecting her to be potty trained in a day but you have to start somewhere. I was hesitant about using pull ups and I might not for the long haul but so far so good. MM’s are wonderful motivators. Stickers and pennies- not so much! Wish us luck!

Last Friday Emily went on her first playdate without me. I was kind of sad in a way. A good way though. She has never been anywhere without me or family. She’s with my mother-in-law sometimes once a week for playdates and she has stayed with my sister before. But she has never gone anywhere else without me. My friend Julie has two children really close to Em’s age. C is one of Em’s best friends. It’s so cute when they see each other. Julie had one kid less on Friday at the gym so she asked if Em wanted to come home and play with her and C. Of course Em started jumping and squealing (when did she turn 12?). I couldn’t say no! I trust Julie 150% but Em had never been away from me. She did GREAT! She didn’t want to leave when I got there to pick her up. Obviously, I don’t give her enough credit! I stayed and chatted for a bit. When I told her that it was time to go home for a nap she said “No. I sleep on C’s bed.” Nope. Not ready for a sleep over! Nice try kiddo!

So that’s it in a nutshell. Hopefully the weather will turn and this blah will go away. Send me some energy would you?

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