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Pocket Matching

I found this cute game in The Toddler’s Busy Book. I had been meaning to do it for some time with Emily but never got off my rear to get it ready because it takes a while to prepare.

  • Items needed:
    Gift wrap or fabric in 4-6 different patterns and colors
    Posterboard, file folder or cardboard
    Clear contact paper
    Utility knife
    Small index cards or pieces of some type of heavy paper or cardboard

Cut a pocket from each piece of gift-wrap. Glue it to the large piece of posterboard, leaving the top of the pocket open. Cover the posterboard with the contact paper. Slit open the top of each pocket with the utility knife. Cut gift-wrap rectangles that will fit in the pockets. Flue them to small index cards. You can cover them with contact paper too if you prefer.

Then it’s time for your todder to match!

Emily really likes this game, although it isn’t much of a challenge to her. I guess I should have done this quite a while though!

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