Love Overflowing

I LOVE this girl…

She’s silly, she’s funny and she’s mine! If I only ever have one child, I am truly blessed that God thought enough of me and Stephen to loan us Emily. Every day, even with it’s struggles and stesses, I find myself thankful. Thankful that I get to be this girl’s mommy. It is a challenge. There are some days that I really want to pull my hair out or find a corner to go suck my thumb in but it’s worth it.

She cracks me up! I should post more about some of the funny and cute things she says. I know it would make at least one person smile!

Here’s a few just from the past day or so:

Emily woke up very cranky from her nap yesterday. I put on some cartoons for her to help her wake up. There was part when they were singing about wiggling your body. I asked Emily if she wanted to wiggle. I could not understand what she said. I asked her again. “No thanks, Mommy. I resting.”

Last night we went to dinner. After dinner, she was able to slide her little butt through two chairs. She stood in front of our table and started shaking her money maker saying “I did it!!! I did it!!!!” It was so funny!!!!!!

She also sings about her best friends. Babby, Lucy, any toy she happens to have with her.

My mind is blank now. I usually am full of stories.

So I’ll just leave you with a few pictures.

PS- Sorry the last two are sideways. I am too lazy to change them right now.

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Cheap Entertainment

Wooden puzzle: $1
Watercolors: $1
20 – 30 minutes of entertainment: PRICELESS


I was perusing through Michael’s the other day. And I mean perusing. I was by myself, no one was bothering me, asking me for fruit snacks, going through my wallet. It was nice! But I digress. They have this nice aisle where everything is $1-$3. I found some really cute stuff that I need to go back for. On Sunday, I picked up a wooden puzzle and some watercolors.

I brought them out today so I could get a few things done before we met Grandma. The puzzle is cheap and broke a bit when Emily tried to break it apart but it was a dollar. The best part was that Emily had a great time painting it. Ok, so she enjoyed smearing the watercolors together. You got me! The whole watercolor concept was kind of lost on her but that’s ok. The puzzle turned out cute? and she had a good time. And I got the dishes done without a helper.

And that’s worth a thousand cheap puzzles to me!

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