Love Overflowing

Heart Man

The final craft of the Valentine’s Day season. It took us a few days to finish because she just wasn’t into it. Too busy playing with her little people I guess. I thought it was cute though. I think she just finished it so she could play with the glitter pen and get me to quit bugging her.

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A hint of spring

The past few days have been filled with just a hint of spring. We have been able to get out and enjoy! I only wish that it would stay warm forever! I know that isn’t possible so I am just asking for weather that is not below average. No more highs of 32. Is that too much to ask for???

Yesterday we met a couple of Emily’s friends at the park. It was a last minute, spur of the moment kind of thing and it was GREAT! We ate our lunch first and then the kids got to play, play, play! They had a blast! Unfortunately S and Em found the mud puddles but what’s fun at the park without some dirt?? The nice warm air was needed to blow the stink off of us!

Thanks Julie for calling us and inviting us to the park! We had a blast!

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Fly away little grilled cheese…

Emily has a memory like a steel trap. A week or so ago I mentioned making a butterfly grilled cheese sandwich. She didn’t seem that into it at the time. Fast forward to Monday. I asked her what she wanted for lunch. I had to ask her a few times because what she was saying wasn’t registering with me. I finally figured out that she wanted a grilled cheese butterfly. She looked at me like “how many times are you going to ask me to say this??”

So here you have it. She ate every last bite!


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Kudos to The Learning Curve

Emily is practicing to be an NFL linebacker. She’s rough, tough and throws her weight around. Unfortunately, the baby gate (used to keep the dog out of her room) took the brunt of her practice session. I am still not sure exactly how it happened…But it happened. She broke the gate. Now the dog thinks that it’s free reign and that makes Emily mad. She’s not at the point where she invites Shadow into her room. Sure, it’s ok for Emily to crowd Shadow off of her pillow in the early morning hours but letting Shadow in her room?? No way!

I decided to see if we could purchase replacement parts for the gate in case we wanted to put it back up. I emailed the manufacturer, The Learning Curve. After looking at an emailed copy of the instruction manual, I was able to tell them exactly what pieces where needed. They are so awesome that they are going to ship the brackets free of charge.

Now that’s some customer service! They were easy and pleasant to deal with. I would buy from them again in a heart beat. More companies need to be like that.

Thanks to The Learning Curve for making my day!

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Crafty lady

Emily and I have been working on some Valentine’s Day fun this past week or so. She has been waiting for Valentine’s Day for weeks thanks to Grandma. Grandma plays a Care Bear tape (yes, TAPE) that belonged to Aunt Nina when Emily rides with her. One of the songs is about Valentines. She’ll say “I mommy’s Valentine.” Or today, she was mad at me, it was “No. I not Mommy’s Valentine. I Daddy’s and Shadow’s.” I got demoted below the dog. I really made her mad! 😉

The first craft we worked on was foam Valentine’s. She had lots of fun with that. I bought some foam hearts and foam stickers from Michael’s. She decorated the hearts her way!

The second thing we made was a Valentine’s butterfly. We took two of the foam hearts and glued them together. I then cut out a body for the butterfly. She decorated the wings, put on the googly eyes and the mouth. So very proud!

February 14th has come up on be so quickly!! I had all of these cute crafty ideas that I wanted to do with Emily and just ran out of time. Eh, I suppose we can do hearty farty stuff all month long huh?

She did make a really cute Valentine zeebra at her friend Chase’s house though. I’ll have to post a picture of that. It’s super cute! Julie is way more on top of things than I am!

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In memory….

Stephen’s grandfather passed away this week. He was a truly special man whom I will never forget.

I met Ray in the summer of 2002. He was 89 and still living on his own! I still remember most of the first time I met him. Stephen and I took him to lunch to Long John’s Silver’s I think. We then drove around town, getting the tour of all of the houses he used to live in and the landmarks from when he was younger. It was great! The memories that I have of Ray are so numerous to tell them all. Some of the most memorable and funny stories are worth telling though!

  • Ray took directions very liberally. His doctor told him that it was okay to eat graham crackers with his diet. He ate graham crackers alright! He ate the whole sleeve in one sitting!
  • He always welcomed me into his family with open arms. I celebrated his 90th birthday with all of his friends and family.
  • Ray was also very determined. He was always on the quest to find certain roads from his youth. He didn’t have any qualms about asking someone to call the street department to find out what happened!
  • He loved his country and was very proud of the fact that he had served in the military. His rooms, whether in his apartment or in the nursing home, were never without an American flag.
  • Ray was the one person at my wedding who made me cry. I did very well up until the Sign of the Peace was performed. He had tears in his eyes, hugged me tight and told me he was glad that I was part of the family. And that was the end of my dry streak.
  • Stephen’s grandfather LOVED music. Up until he couldn’t work his cassette deck, he would listen to his tapes, wave his finger and hum along with the tunes. It kept him going for the longest time. Music was his therapy.
  • He also played a mean harmonica! Even at 95, he would still occasionally break it out. I remember the last time I heard him play for us. It was this past July. Emily was fascinated and loved it.
  • Ray was a die-hard Cubs fan! If you were running out of things to talk about (which never happened) you could talk about the weather or the Cubbies.
  • He loved his family and was proud of each and every one of them.

Even though I only knew Ray for almost 7 years, I know that he was a really special man. He loved life and loved his family. He was proud of his children and grandchildren. I was also very proud of only great-grandchild. I am very glad that Emily got to meet him. She won’t know him when she gets older but she will know that he was a really special person.

We will be celebrating his 100 birthday with a party 2012. Emily will be 6 then. She might not understand fully but she will know that her great-papa was a really awesome person and love his family.

In memory of great-papa
December 21, 1912 – January 31, 2009

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