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“Oi” and the independent toddler

on March 3, 2009

Toddlers are strange creatures. They are sponges- picking up on everything. And they have an imagination unlike none other. Always making stuff up, whether it be friends, noises, etc.

Emily has decided that many words need to end with the sound “oi”. “No-oi”, “Yeah-oi”, “Shadoi”. There’s much more that she adds it to. My mind just went blank though. It’s so funny! It took me a minute to figure out what in the world she was trying to say. I don’t correct her, I just repeat the words correctly. I am sure the “no-oi”s will be gone soon!

If you haven’t guessed already, Emily is one independent toddler. She wants to do as much as she can by herself. Sometimes the hard way. She takes after her dad in many ways. There are a few of things that she has picked up on that has me shaking my head. She has figured out how to open the refrigerator. It doesn’t have handles either! Luckily she doesn’t do this trick often. She can also open the patio door. That hasn’t been a problem yet. She wants to let Shadow in and out. I think the problems might arise when the weather is warmer and she ventures outside by herself. Luckily she hasn’t figured out the lock yet!

Stephen also taught her how to turn on the light in the car next to her car seat. A feat I think he is regretting now. She turns it on all the time. Her turning it on isn’t a huge deal until she doesn’t turn it off. How long does the light have to be on before the battery dies??? That’s one question that I’d rather lick the tootsie pop for than find out firsthand!

One thing for sure, there isn’t a dull moment in my life!

One response to ““Oi” and the independent toddler

  1. Kelly says:

    I will never understand why dad’s teach kids “fun things” that do nothing but come back to haunt MOM!!! We still love them anyway.

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