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Shamrock art

There were plans to do more St. Patrick’s Day art but they never materialized. The weather was too good and there were things to do. But we didn’t let this holiday go by without some sort of a project!

Today Emily made a shamrock. She really had a good time making. Except for the part when she got mad that I was taking her picture and she fell off of the chair.

Items needed:

Construction paper
Shades of green tissue paper

I traced a copy of a shamrock onto a piece of green construction paper and then outlined it with black marker. Then I tore the tissue paper into pieces and Emily wadded them up. She then put down a ton of glue and started adding the wads of tissue paper.

Fun and easy!

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A lull

You might have noticed or not the lull in my posts. There is usually something to read a few times a week. I looked at my little calendar thing and there was only 3 for the entire month of March and it’s the 11th already. Whoops! Sure Emily and I have been in the middle of potty training but that’s not my reason. The reason I have been so preoccupied is crack. Crack you say? Yes, crack. Crack in the form of books.

I had never heard of Stephenie Meyer or the Twilight series before my best friend Cindy’s husband’s birthday. She and her friend were excited talking about seeing the movie. They asked if I had heard of it. Nope. She explains to me that it’s a series of books about love and vampires. They were aimed at teenagers in the beginning but the books had put many grown women into a swooning frenzy. She asked if I would like to read them.

I was never into Ann Rice and her vampire books like my sister was. I didn’t know if I wanted to read them. They weren’t really my cup of tea, in my opinion at the time. Cindy, being the wonderful friend that she is, brought her set to me anyway. And they sat. They sat in the bedroom for a week or two. Cindy asked me once or twice if I had gotten around to reading them. By that point, almost everyone mom in the gym had been chattering about the books. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the hubbub was about.

Oh. My. Goodness. I am SOOO glad that Cindy brought me the books. I could not put the down. I like to read but it’s not my passion. I read so many books to Emily during the day sometimes reading is the last thing I want to do during my down time. There are only a few books that have really gripped me and made me unable to put them down. I can now add these four to the list. I read four 500+ books in less than two weeks. That is a record for me. I seriously could not put them down. They were like my drug and I needed my fix.

If you have never read the books (I am not sure how many of you are out there since I am late to the party) I truly suggest picking up, borrowing, bartering, stealing (just kidding!) all four books. You will not regret it. I promise that. Just don’t shoot me if you do!

I have never read a book that had me gripped to my seat like these books by Stephenie Meyer. While reading I would find myself holding my breath, anxious, still as a log, tense, happy and everything in between. I probably sound like a true dork but these books really drew me in. I think Stephen is really happy that I am done. He has his wife back. After I finished the last book, Breaking Dawn, I was a bit sad. And that is true dorkiness.

I am excited though. The Twilight movie comes out soon. I have not seen it and am ready to! I have several friends who have it pre-ordered so I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If all else fails, it’s on pay-per-view! I didn’t see any trailers or movie posters before I read the books so the characters are totally different than what I had pictured. It should be pretty interesting to see how they turned the book into the movie.

Thanks to all my friends who sucked (pun intended) me into this awesome book series! I really enjoyed reading all four books and cannot wait to see the movie and movies as the come out. Can I count on viewing parties?!?


Not claiming victory by a long shot

If there is anything that I have learned as a mom it’s not to claim victory before all is said and done. Know what happens when you claim victory prematurely??? It blows up in your face and takes you twice as long to get to where you were going. So there are no signs and parties going up as of yet but things are looking promising.

I had originally planned on started potty training at the end of April. Emily would be 2 1/2 and I thought it would be time. For the past several weeks, she had been telling me when she was peeing and when she needed a clean diaper. My mommy instincts told me that she was ready. I decided on a Thursday that the following Monday was going to be “panties only”. I talked up panties and being a big girl like there was no tomorrow. Monday came around and as I was changing her out of her overnight diaper I told her we were going with panties. We waved bye bye to diapers!

I got her a sippy full of water and a cup of juice. I set the oven timer for 20 minutes. I even put in the Elmo potty dvd. Didn’t even make it 1o minutes before she came running to me…”I got to potty mommy!!!” All day, just like that. I never even got the opportunity to ask her if she needed to go! We decided to go to the library that night. I was a little hesitant due to our in progress training. I contemplated breaking out the pullups. I decided against because she had shown me during the day that she could tell me when she needed to go. And she wore panties to nap in and woke up dry. So we went to the library clad in panties. Know what? No accidents at the library!

The rest of the week was pretty much the same. Sure we had some accidents. Most were due to her being preoccupied and not paying attention to her body. I think we have had a total of 6 accidents and 1 poop accident. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

We had been wearing overnight pullups to bed. Sunday morning Emily came banging on our door. “Mommy!!!!!!!!! I need to POTTY!!!!!!!” I was in shock. She was dry! 1am this past morning- “mommy, I need to potty.” This morning she was dry. Granted she pee’d 2 more times in the morning. But she was dry. I keep telling myself that it’s necessary. It’s something that she has to learn to do. Although I wasn’t ready for the 1am wake up call. I thought we had a month or so before she would be ready to pee in the middle of the night. I am just selfish and really like my sleep. I know it will get better and soon she will be able to hold it. I just need to work on limiting her water intake before bed.

In the next week or so, we will begin working on pulling down your own pants and panties. That will be a huge step to independence as well. I have, hanging on my refrigerator, a piece of paper from Pampers regarding potty training. I don’t remember the exact information but it was something like this:

  • It takes 10 months of actively training to become habit.
  • The average age of girls who are able to go to the bathroom unassisted is 30 or 33 months.

I keep that on the refrigerator as hope. Hope that it will get easier and that I won’t be spending most of my day in the bathroom with Emily.

I know I am truly lucky though. I know many, many parents have a much harder time at training than I am. I was expecting a harder time. I am glad that I listened to my instincts and followed her ready signs. She was truly ready and was just waiting for me to give her the green light.


I am not claiming victory. Not now. Not for awhile.

But, the progress is great and I can’t complain!


“Oi” and the independent toddler

Toddlers are strange creatures. They are sponges- picking up on everything. And they have an imagination unlike none other. Always making stuff up, whether it be friends, noises, etc.

Emily has decided that many words need to end with the sound “oi”. “No-oi”, “Yeah-oi”, “Shadoi”. There’s much more that she adds it to. My mind just went blank though. It’s so funny! It took me a minute to figure out what in the world she was trying to say. I don’t correct her, I just repeat the words correctly. I am sure the “no-oi”s will be gone soon!

If you haven’t guessed already, Emily is one independent toddler. She wants to do as much as she can by herself. Sometimes the hard way. She takes after her dad in many ways. There are a few of things that she has picked up on that has me shaking my head. She has figured out how to open the refrigerator. It doesn’t have handles either! Luckily she doesn’t do this trick often. She can also open the patio door. That hasn’t been a problem yet. She wants to let Shadow in and out. I think the problems might arise when the weather is warmer and she ventures outside by herself. Luckily she hasn’t figured out the lock yet!

Stephen also taught her how to turn on the light in the car next to her car seat. A feat I think he is regretting now. She turns it on all the time. Her turning it on isn’t a huge deal until she doesn’t turn it off. How long does the light have to be on before the battery dies??? That’s one question that I’d rather lick the tootsie pop for than find out firsthand!

One thing for sure, there isn’t a dull moment in my life!

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February photos

I finally got the majority of our pictures from February photos uploaded to the Picasa album. Enjoy!

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