Love Overflowing

Egg-cellent idea

I don’t know where time goes! I had a bunch of Easter crafty ideas and have only gotten to one so far!

This one was pretty straight forward and didn’t require a lot of prep on my part- which is probably why we got this one done! Sad, isn’t it?

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Playing Dress Up

Emily has a basket full of dress up stuff in her closet that has been sitting there for months. Princess clothes, shoes, etc. She really didn’t want anything to do with them except the occasional princess appearance.

One day this week, while I was working on lunch, Emily discovered this basket in her closet. Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. I hear her walking out of her room. “Help my shoes, Mommy,” she says. I was thinking that she used her stool to drag out a pair of too small dress shoes. Nope. She was wearing her princess shoes. I couldn’t help but take pictures of Miss Fashion Statement.

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