Love Overflowing

Easter Egg Hunt

on April 6, 2009

Every year our subdivision has an Easter egg hunt for the kids. It’s a lot of fun. They have the common ground divided up into two sections: Children 4 and over and Children up to 3. There are never a ton of children in the latter category, which Emily falls into of course. It’s nice and easy going for the younger kids. They aren’t in a race and pushing each other over for eggs. Last year was the first year Emily went and she had a blast. She also screamed at the Easter bunny as well. This year she saw the bunny approaching and wanted her daddy to hold her. She wanted to cover her eyes. I was SHOCKED when the bunny approached her and she didn’t scream!! I even got a picture! This is progress!

The children also get to pick out an attendance prize. I love the age that Emily is in. It’s not about greed and getting the biggest, best prize. It’s about picking out something that you want; whether it’s small or large. Pure joy- that’s what it’s about. Emily overlooked the huge stuffed duck (shock!) and chose a little pink bunny. She was happy with one of the smaller prizes and that is great! I wish I could keep that innocence forever. We had a blast and are lucky to live in a place that has fun things to do for the kids.


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