Love Overflowing

Happiness is a butterfly

on April 8, 2009

Yesterday Emily and I went to the Butterfly House with some of our friends. It’s always a good time when Chase, Slade and Kara are around! Emily squeals with excitement every time I tell her that we have an outing planned.

The Butterfly House was no exception. Butterflies, butterflies everywhere! It was so amazing! I love going there, being surrounded by nature and beauty. Every time you go is a different experience. This was the first time that Emily was on foot when we went. She enjoyed not being strapped into a stroller and being able to run through butterfly clouds and look at the waterfall.

After we sweated it up watching the butterflies, we let the kids play outside on the giant caterpillar for a few minutes before we headed over to the carousel. Carousels, carousels…Emily loves carousels! She’d ride one all day long if I let her. I usually have to carry her off the platform, mad because the ride is over. Tuesday was no exception.

A great day overall! Thanks Julie and Cassie for a good time! Can’t wait for the next outing!

PS- You know I took a ton more pictures. They are in the April 2009 folder in the Picasa album linked on the left.

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