Love Overflowing

Swim lessons

on April 16, 2009

I really wanted Emily to have swim lessons before we go to San Diego in August. Yesterday was her first lesson. She was SO excited! Her little friend Slade is in the the same class as well so that added to the excitement. On the way over I asked her if she was ready. She said “I see Julie. Hip! Hip! Hurray!!!! I give Slade a kiss!!!” Her enthusiasm was bubbling over when we reached the YMCA. She did really well waiting until the previous class was over but she was itching to get into the water. This child truly has no fear.

We worked on hand paddles, back floats, jumping into the water. She was a little questionable on the back float and she truly did not like the songs that we sang. They made her cry. Or maybe it was just my bad singing. Who knows?  I did have a hard time getting her to focus on the task at hand. She was too excited that she was in the pool and just wanted to play. I think I need to get a different swimsuit because Emily kept trying to climb up my chest and flip over. Not sure the other moms appreciated my itty bitty sliding out of my top as she got her foot caught in my suit.

She was NOT a happy camper when class was over. She was not ready to get out.  I finally flung her over the edge of the pool and tried to hurry to get out. Little stinker is fast!!! She ran to the edge of the pool, on the other side of the rope thing where I could get over to her. I was yelling at her to stop, don’t jump in and this grandma looked at me smiling. “Ha ha, your kid is going to jump in. Now that’s funny.” Umm, no. But thanks for your help hag. Thank God Julie is fast and saw then gleam in Emily’s eye. She grabbed her before the little stinker could jump in.

I think I am going to have to keep my eye on this child!

PS- Would you believe there are no pictures of this momentous event? 😉


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