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Every day is full of laughter

on April 23, 2009

Some days it’s really hard to keep a straight face with Emily. She is full of laughter and comes up with the funniest stuff. Wednesday was no exception!

After dragging Emily out of the pool after swim lessons, we got dressed. It’s a process when you have two children wanting to play and two moms wanting to chat. Finally got Emily dressed and she was playing with her buddy while I slowly attempted at peeling off my suit. Next thing I knew Emily was next to me saying that she peed her pants. (We have never had an accident in public.)

I always carry a spare pair of undies and pants and Wednesday was no exception. The only problem was they were in the car. I attempted to wrap the driest towel we had around her waist after I took of her wet pants. Luckily she had on a longer shirt. She took off running down the hall and left the towel in the dust. I gave up. It was a short walk to the car so we headed out. As we got to the parking lot Emily looked up at me and said

Mommy, I am so embawassed!

I just about needed to change my pants at that point because I was laughing so hard.

PS- I know embarrassed is spelled wrong. I was typing it how she pronounced it. 😉

2 responses to “Every day is full of laughter

  1. kristina says:

    Oh that is too funny! Gotta love little ones and the way their little minds think!

  2. jalisa says:

    This is too cute!

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