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You know you are slacking…

when your child actually ASKS to paint. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I brought out the paint for Emily. Self-preservation, I think.  That and just being lazy.

Yesterday, on our way home from errands and swim lessons, Emily asked if she could paint. I have to tell you, it was a great nap motivator! “You can paint after your nap.” Even though the sun was shining when she woke up, she still wanted to paint. Who was I to deny the request of a super cute toddler? So I sucked it up and brought up the paint.

I had an idea for painting. The first thing we were going to do was marble paint. I put two blobs of paint on a piece of paper in a shoe box. Emily shook, shook, shook the box. She was so excited to see the creation she made!

The second was painting a shoe box lid. The original idea was to give it to Grandma for Mother’s Day but she didn’t like it. It was for mommy. Apparently, Grandma gets nothing for Mother’s Day but that’s another story!

The painting was a hit! I even got to snap green beans while she painted! That’s a first. Usually I have to sit and watch everything she does. Making progress!

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