Love Overflowing

When did this happen??

When did Emily turn into a big girl?? Where’s my baby? It seems just like yesterday that I was wondering if she was ever going to walk. And now…..She’s ripping around the subdivision on her tricycle. She got her trike for Christmas and I thought she’d never get the hang of it. She’s a little slow with the gross motor skills.Bam! Overnight she got it! We rescued the trike out of the basement and 10 minutes later she was cruising on the patio. I am so proud of her! You could tell that she was also pretty proud of herself as well. She should be too. It’s another milestone to mark off.

After dinner last night she wanted to her daddy her new found skills. He took her trike to the front sidewalk and she was off! I then took her around the block. And I only had to carry the trike uphill for a quarter block!

My girl is growing so fast. It’s bittersweet. She’s funny and quirky and I love her!

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