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Lazy and enjoyable

on May 17, 2009

It was one of those weekends where you had nothing you “had” to do other than church. Nowhere to be, no schedules- just nice and lazy. Unfortunately, Emily’s alarm clock rarely allows for too lazy of a schedule. 6:15 Saturday morning Emily was ready to rock the house. And that was after she got to bed later than normal Friday night due to the storms. The kid is a rooster! After getting ready for our day we decided what to do. Emily wanted to “buy Lucy clothes”. We had a gift card and bear rewards for Build-a-Bear that were burning a hole in our pockets. So we headed to the mall. We bought Lucy a new outfit, big girl panties (in honor of Emily’s transition), a hoochie mama bikini and the most important thing in Emily’s mind- new shoes!!! Poor bear has to wear shoes to bed now! We walked and we walked. And we didn’t take the stroller. And we walked. Emily did pretty well without the stroller actually. There was only about one time when I thought about swinging her over my shoulder and carrying her cave woman style!

Sunday, after church, we headed over to a local parish’s church picnic. I don’t care what church is it but their fried chicken dinners are just the bomb! The tricky part was to stick to the diet while enjoying the yummy food. The old Stephen and I would have said “Forget it. We are just going to write the day off and enjoy.” We would eat a plate full of chicken, mashed potatoes with the fixings and still eat dessert. We’d walk out of there fat, dumb and happy. But, like I said, that would have been the old us.

The new us walked to that church picnic. We ate the dinner but I only had one piece of chicken and one portion of the green beans and mashed potatoes. Stephen did just as well. I ate a dessert but it was a small piece of angel food cake. We didn’t polish off the food on Emily’s plate and we didn’t walk out of there with out bellies so full we couldn’t walk. We had energy to take Emily around to the rides and games. It is a huge change for us! It’s not an overnight change though. It’s something that we are going to continue working on for the rest of our lives if we want to be healthy but you have to start somewhere and we proved we could do it today.

After lunch, Emily got to ride the big giant spinning monkey and play some games. She’s 2 so she didn’t realize that she didn’t get to do everything and play everything. She didn’t win a game but she was happy with the ball they gave out as a consolation prize. Oh, to be 2 again! It was a great outing! We all had fun, despite the fact that Stephen had to carry Emily halfway to the car, crying, because she wasn’t done.

In the giant monkey!

In the giant monkey!

One response to “Lazy and enjoyable

  1. KellyW says:

    Karon was the ride before or after you ate. If after, how did she not loose everything in her stomach?

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