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Rock n’ ……sparkle

on June 10, 2009

Emily and I like to do artsy fartsy stuff on occasion. It’s been a little while since we have done anything since the weather has been so nice for the most part and we fill our days up with other fun stuff. Father’s Day is quickly approaching so I was trying to think of something that Emily could do.

Last week we were walking around the neighborhood when we came across a house that was ripping out their rock beds. They had a huge pile of rocks sitting next to the road to be disposed of. Emily and I picked out a couple of good size rocks and took them home.  And they sat on our porch for over a week!

Monday we had no car and it was rainy so we decided to do something with our rocks. I scrubbed them clean and let Emily go to work. She painted one for Stephen, one for Papa J, one for Papa B and one for herself. She saw the sparkles and went to town! I am going to spray them down with a clear coat finish before we wrap them up.

Emily is so proud of them. She was telling Daddy about painting rocks when he got home. Luckily Stephen thought she said “playing blocks”.

One response to “Rock n’ ……sparkle

  1. Kelly W says:

    Great idea Karon! Those are to cute!

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