Love Overflowing

Baking on a rainy day

on June 18, 2009

If your child is going to be sick (double ear infection), a rainy day is a good day to be stuck in the house. Monday was that day for us. It was raining cats and dogs. Poor Emily was absolutely miserable due to the infections so she stayed in her pj’s until a bath at 3:30.

I had some blueberries that were getting close to the end of their life so I decided we should make blueberry muffins. Only I was trying to make healthy blueberry muffins. I found a recipe for 100 calorie muffins. Should have been called “you might as well eat cardboard” muffins.Needless to say, they weren’t worth the 72 calories after using Splenda. I think it was the old fashioned oatmeal in them.

I am not going to share the recipe with you unless you want to get back at some grouchy neighbors or make your dog have the poops. But I did want to share some pictures of a poor sick, yet cute little girl helping make the muffins.

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