Love Overflowing

Hot summer fun

on June 30, 2009

For 13 or so days we had 90+ degrees with heat indexes of well over 100. It was too hot to do anything. It was the kind of hot that takes your breath away. Emily was starting to get a little stir crazy so on one of the mid 90 days I decided to take matters into my own hands. I told Emily that she could play in the sprinklers after her nap.

We have an underground sprinkler system so I just turned on a specific zone and let her go to town. She was having such a great time, despite the pressure of the water. I think I need to head to Wal-mart or Target and pick up a hose sprinkler. I heard a lot of “ow, ow”. I am not sure who had more fun- Emily or Shadow! Definitely something we will be doing again soon! Thankfully, this week has been the break in the heatwave we have desperately needed. It’s still hot but not “can’t breathe” hot.

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