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July 4th weekend fun!

I hope everyone enjoyed their long (hopefully) holiday weekend! We live in a great, wonderful country where we get to enjoy numerous freedoms!

Friday night we headed over to Riverfest to check out the carnival, music and food. We all had so much fun!!! Emily rode on a cool ride all by herself, one with daddy, the carousel with Mommy and the kiddie coaster with Daddy. I was very impressed with her riding the kiddie coaster! She LOVED it!

Remember when we were kids? The rides were so AWESOME and you never thought about safety?? You know you are getting old when you say things like “That kind of freaks me out that this ride is so close to the other ride” and “I hope the bolts are tight enough on that thing”. Oh to be young and stupid again!!! I swear I lose several years off of my life when Emily gets on a carnival ride!

After the rides, we played the duck pond. Emily “won” a prize. She picked out a unicorn. Of course it’s PINK! She was in love!!!! She named it “pony”. Every original! We then headed out to find some yummy food for dinner. We then ate until our bellies could hold no more! We had so much fun!

Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans for Saturday. It rained…….almost all day. Ruined our plans for the parade in the morning and our plans to hit some of the booths at the festival and get cotton candy. We thought we were going to get the fireworks in but started getting rained on. Luckily, we were on the church parking lot so we didn’t have far to run in the pouring rain. Emily was disappointed but got to see some neighboring fireworks going off while we were waiting, before the rain.

I can’t believe how big my little girl is getting! It was amazing to see all of the stuff that she can do now! We all had a wonderful 4th weekend!

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All by herself

I hear that a lot. “All by myself”. Emily is very independent (yay!) and loves doing things by herself, for herself. Great when you are not in a hurry!

Today I had to call daddy because Emily got herself dressed “all by herself”. I had laid some clothes out for her to change into after our shower but she decided that she didn’t want to wear what I picked out so she got into her closet and chose her own clothes. A Dora shirt and jean shorts. The only thing she wore that I had out was her underwear and socks. She was SO proud!

She build a tower “all by herself” the other night as well. She brought me the camera to take a picture of it. This was not the final product. I didn’t get a picture of that one. It was as tall as she is!!!


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