Love Overflowing

Emily’s favorite song

on July 26, 2009

Emily is such a funny little girl. She has her own taste in clothes, music, etc and isn’t afraid to let you know.

She LOVES music as you can tell. She listens to the radio with me all the time (24/7 kids music would send me over the edge) and has picked up on some songs and found her favorite. The other day we were driving home from the library when Lady Gaga’s Poker Face came on. I swear only 30 seconds had played, no lyrics yet, and she said “NO Poker Face!!! Change the station!!!!” I was taken aback!

Her favorite song, hands down, is by Katy Perry. I think it’s because I changed the lyrics one day and inserted her name in place of “a girl”. Now she makes me sing it with her name in it. When it comes on the radio, she says “It’s my song!!!! Turn it up!”

Not what you would expect from a 2 year old, huh?

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